Twitter Cover Photo Size / Dimensions for User Profiles

Twitter’s first profile redesign for 2014 will be rolled out to users soon. Once it’s released, you will need to know Twitter cover photo size so that you can have a picture ready to be uploaded right in time. There will be lots of tweaks and enhancements to how the profiles look like, on the web. Twitter header image, now bigger and full-width, will be among the more prominent features alongside a bigger profile picture. So, it’s the right time to have a perfect picture ready – just get hold of a perfect picture and get it cropped to match Twitter cover photo dimensions.

Twitter Cover Photo Dimensions

Width: 1500 pixels
Height: 500 pixels

Once the profile updates have been released to all users, you could either use an existing picture or could get a new one. There will be plenty of Twitter cover pictures available soon – same as it was for Facebook cover photos once the social network rolled out the update.

For a full list of changes that Twitter will be rolling out, check out this blog post: Twitter User Profiles – What’s New

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