Twitter Profiles are about to get a lot more awesome. With an update expected to be rolling out soon, Twitter plans to redesign the user profiles look on the web. The new look seems to have been inspired by Facebook as there are lot of similarities. A bigger profile picture and a cover photo to express yourself. The updated look ‘n feel has been rolled out to a selected set of users and is expected to be released to all users pretty soon. This was announced by Twitter earlier today. Here is what’s new and coming soon:

  • Best Tweets: Tweets that have received more engagement will appear slightly larger, so your best content is easy to find.
  • Pinned Tweet: Pin one of your Tweets to the top of your page, so it’s easy for your followers to see what you’re all about.
  • Filtered Tweets: Now you can choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles. Select from these options: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.

Pretty cool stuff, eh?

Here is a list of users who have already been upgraded to new look and feel:

You can have a look at any of these profiles to see what’s coming.

Here is a list of all the changes that we have noticed so far followed by a comparison of Twitter user profiles before and after the update:

What’s New in New Twitter Profile Redesign

Middle Section:

  • Cover photo– before: appeared in background while user bio and profile picture appeared on top of it.
    – after: full width Twitter cover photo – bigger in size, user bio and profile picture no longer appear on it – giving it a clean look much like Facebook.
  • User timelines – Tweets, Photos / Videos, Following, Followers, Favorites, More – click on any of those and requested info will be shown in the timeline.

Left Sidebar:

  • Bigger profile picture
  • Twitter bio, profile picture and other user info
  • User join date also appears on profile just below the homepage
  • Photos & videos shared by user appear on left side, just below the user info

Right Sidebar:

In new profile redesign, Twitter has added one more sidebar towards the right side which features information related to the viewer. Things like:

  • Who to follow
  • What’s trending

This info currently appears on the left side, alongside media shared by the user. But that’s about to change (for good).


Twitter User Profile (Before)


Twitter User Profile (After)

In a nutshell, the profile redesign will introduce a more consistent and sleek look. All the user info appears on the left side. Helpful info for viewer appears on the right side and timeline of the profile you are viewing appears in the middle – with an option to choose which timeline you want to see. Got to say it will improve the user experience a great deal.