Twitter introduced it’s short video sharing service called Vine earlier this year. Today, Facebook introduced Videos on Instagram. While both services are built to let users create and share short videos, there are plenty of differences between the both. Vine debuted on iOS in January this year while the app launched on Android on June 3rd. Now Facebook has introduced Instagram Video with updated apps for iOS as well as Android available today. Here, we take a look at both the services and how they differ:

Vine vs. Instagram Video – The Difference

Features Vine Instagram Video
Minimum video length no limit 3 seconds
Maximum video length 6 seconds 15 seconds
Video Filters None 13 filters
Select custom cover frame for videos No Yes
Sharing options Vine, Twitter and Facebook Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr and via Email
Image stabilization No Yes
Embed videos Yes No

From the features, Instagram Video clearly looks like a better service for now. We are certain that Twitter will respond pretty quickly by upgrading the Vine and adding some cool new features. For now, however, the filters in Instagram and the ability to share across more networks is too hard to resist. On Vine’s side, the ability to embed videos is pretty nice feature and we hope Instagram will add this feature to their service as well.