Microsoft has announced the next generation of its gaming console named Xbox One. The device has really powerful internals. Xbox One hardware specs and features make it a device ideal for the living room. It’s not just another gaming console, it’s your ultimate entertainment center with interactive TV and gaming capabilities. That’s why Microsoft is calling Xbox One an all-in-one console. The device looks like a set top box and has plenty of new features to offer. Here is a look at specifications of the device:

Xbox One Console

Xbox One Specs

Processor: 8-Core AMD CPU, DirectX 11.1 compatible GPU


Storage: 500GB HDD, Blu-ray drive,

Audio: 7.1 surround sound

Video: 1080p

Connectivity: USB 3.0 ports, WiFi, Ethernet, HDMI 1.4

Most, if not all, of these are the features that are highly desired. In addition to these, what makes it a great console is:

Xbox One Features – What makes it a great console:

  • New Xbox One Controller
  • Xbox On with Home dashboard
  • Skype for Xbox app
  • SmartGlass integration to let you control the console using smartphones & tablets
  • Voice commands, search and navigation
  • Xbox Game DVR – record the gameplay and share it

And there are many more features…

Xbox One Price & Release Date

Xbox One price and release date have not been made public yet. However, more information will be available at E3 2013 event that is scheduled to start June 11th. Stay tuned for more.