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Solved: Chrome Tab Closes on Click

How often does it happen that a Chrome tab closes when you click on it? Chrome is my favorite browser that operates flawlessly most of the times. Sometimes, however, there are a few weird issues that can make you pull your hair out. That’s exactly what happened to me this morning – when I clicked on a tab in Chrome, it closed. Since it never happened before, I thought I might have accidentally clicked the close button. Then I clicked on another tab, it closed as well, same happened each time I clicked on a tab.

While that was annoying, I thought it might have something to do with the ‘beta’ version that I was using. But it had been working fine up till now. Then I figured out the problem after some research and guess what – the problem was the malfunctioning Mouse.

The Problem: It’s the Scroll Wheel of the Mouse

When you point cursor on a Chrome tab and press the Scroll wheel on Mouse, it closes the tab.

If Google thought it was some sort of ‘cute’ shortcut, they need to think again. Who will click the scroll wheel to close a tab? Anyways, I didn’t click scroll wheel on purpose but the Mouse wasn’t functioning properly and the scroll wheel of Mouse was getting “clicked” whenever I (left)clicked.

For me it was a malfunctioning Mouse. But it could very well be the trackpad if you’re not using a Mouse.

Chrome Tab Closes on Click? Here’s how to fix it:

If you’re using trackpad, get it checked as it may not be functioning properly.

Using a Mouse? It needs to be replaced then. But before you do that, maybe try the following trick that worked for me:

I unplugged the Mouse and slapped it hard. 1) out of frustration 2) It’s been my favorite way to fix stupid, misbehaving toys since I was a kid. And guess what, it worked :). Yahoo!

It may or may not work for you. A wiser and long term solution would be to replace your Mouse.

But Chrome tab closes due to Scroll click, no magic there.

Again, if you are not using a mouse then probably its the trackpad of your laptop that needs fixing. All the best!

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