With new profile redesign, Twitter unveiled an awesome new feature that allows you to pin a tweet on top of your Twitter profile. The pinned tweet appears right on top of your latest tweets when someone visits your Twitter profile. You can choose any one of your tweets that you like and pin it. The process is easy and takes a few seconds. Here are the steps:

How to Pin a Tweet on Top of Profile Page

Note: You should have new Twitter profile enabled in order to be able to use this feature.

Step 1: Go to your Twitter profile page.

Step 2: Select the tweet that you want to feature on top of your profile.

Step 3: Click the three dots icon just below your selected tweet.

pin tweet to your profile page

Step 4: Click on the option “Pin to your profile page”.

Step 5: A message will pop up saying “This will replace any previously pinned Tweet. Are you sure?”. Click “Pin” button.

The tweet will then be pinned to your profile and you will get a confirmation message saying “Your Tweet was pinned to your profile!”.

That’s it. If you ever wanted to unpin it, here’s what you gotta do:

How to Unpin Tweet

Step 1: Go to your Twitter profile page. You should see the pinned tweet right on top.

Step 2: Click the three dots icon just below the pinned tweet.

Step 3: Click on “Unpin from profile page” option.

Step 4: A confirmation message saying “Are you sure” will pop up, click on “Unpin” to confirm action.

The tweet will no longer appear on top.