Easy LetterPress Cheats with LetterPress Cheater [Cydia App]

LetterPress is a popular iPhone and iPad app. Since its release last month, the multiplayer word game has become an instant hit. It’s no surprise that plenty of avid players are now looking for LetterPress cheats, hints and tricks to win games. It’s because of intense challenge that the game poses for the players. 2 players get to play with a bunch of letters provided randomly. Your job is to make the words from those letters. Each letter that you use in your word becomes colored and as the opponent gets on to create his words, the letters change color hence changing the ownership from you to your opponent. The player who owns more colored letters wins once all the letters on board become colored.

LetterPress is a free app with limit to play 2 games at once. If you want to play more game side by side, you will have to purchase the in-app upgrade for $0.99.

Citing the popularity of LetterPress, a new Cydia app has made its way out. Titled LetterPress Cheater, the app does exactly what its name says. You provide it with a screenshot of your game and the app will convert the letters into the words.

LetterPress Cheater

Here is how to use it:

Step 1: Launch Cydia and install the LetterPress Cheater app, it’s available via BigBoss repo.

Step 2: Now, take a screenshot of your LettPress game.

LP Cheater app access your photo gallery and looks for the most recent image. If the most recent image is game screenshot, the app will process and generate the words with letters provided in the screenshot. So, to make this app work, your most recent image should be a LetterPress screenshot.

Step 3: After taking screenshot, launch the LP Cheater app.

Wait till the app makes words for you. Never lose a game again 🙂

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