Download Firefox Developer Edition Offline Installer (Latest Version)

Tip: Want a smooth, interruption-free installation? Better download Firefox Developer Edition offline installer latest version instead of using the typical online installer. Here is the direct link to download the exe file (firefox-35.0a2.en-US.win32.installer.exe).

For those who don’t know, Mozilla announced a few days back that it will be releasing a new browser for developers ‘soon’. While it’s not a new browser but its a new version of Firefox Aurora that has been redesigned and launched as Firefox Developer Edition version 35. Mozilla has always had pre-release Alpha and Beta channels that allowed developers to download the upcoming versions of Firefox to test their add-ons and websites. Now, it appears that, the alpha / Aurora version has been rebranded as Firefox Developer Edition.

Firefox Developer Edition

Development Tools in Firefox Developer Edition

  • WebIDE: Develop, deploy and debug Firefox OS apps directly in your browser, or on a Firefox OS device, with this tool that replaces App Manager.
  • Responsive Design View: See how your Website or Web app will look on different screen sizes without changing the size of your browser window.
  • Valence: Develop and debug your apps across multiple browsers and devices with this powerful extension that comes pre-installed with Firefox Developer Edition.
  • Web Audio Editor: Inspect and interact with Web Audio API in real time to ensure that all audio nodes are connected in the way you expect.
  • Page Inspector: Examine the HTML and CSS of any Web page and easily modify the structure and layout of a page.
  • Web Console: See logged information associated with a Web page and use Web Console to interact with Web pages using JavaScript.
  • JavaScript Debugger: Step through JavaScript code and examine or modify its state to help track down bugs.
  • Network Monitor: See all the network requests your browser makes, how long each request takes and details of each request.
  • Style Editor: View and edit CSS styles associated with a Web page, create new ones and apply existing CSS stylesheets to any page.

Download Firefox Developer Edition Offline Installer

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