Sid Meier’s Civilization 5 Brave New World is releasing in the US today. Alongside many other new features,  Civ 5 Brave New World new leaders will grab your attention immediately. There are as many as 9 new Brave New World leaders that you can select and play with. Not to mention that each leader has it’s Civilization with a Capital, unique unit, one special feature and one unique ability. This will certainly make the game more exciting. Here is the complete list of new leaders and civilizations in Civ5’s 2nd expansion pack:

Civ 5 Brave New World New Leaders & Civilizations

Ashurbanipal of Assyria


Pedro II of Brazil


Gajah Mada of Indonesia


Ahmad al-Mansur of Morocco


Casimir III of Poland


Maria I of Portugal


Pocatello of Shoshone


Enrico Dandolo of Venice


Shaka of Zulus


Find details on each of these below:

Leader Civilization Capital Special Building Special Unit Special Ability
Ashurbanipal Assyria Assur Royal Library Siege Tower Treasures of Nineveh
Pedro II Brazil Rio de Janeiro Brazil wood Camp Pracinha Carnival
Gajah Mada Indonesia Jakarta Candi Kris Swordsman Spice Islanders
Ahmad al-Mansur Morocco Marrakech Kasbah Berber Cavalry Gateway to Africa
Casimir III Poland Warsaw Ducal Stable Winged Hussar Solidarity
Maria I Portugal Lisbon Feitoria Nau Mare Clausum
Pocatello Shoshone Moson Kahni Comanche Riders Pathfinder Great Expanse
Enrico Dandolo Venice Venice Great Galleass Merchant of Venice Serenissima
Shaka Zulus Ulundi Ikanda Impi Iklwa

Civilization 5 Brave New World for Mac OS X and Windows is available for purchase. You will need to have Civilization V game installed in order to install and play this expansion pack. You can order it right now:

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