• Mathias Slawik

    Thanks Rashid! I had the exact same problem …

  • zac

    seriously it worked for me. thanks ><

  • promperikkeidetheletatt

    i slapped my mouse and it fixed ti

  • jay

    figured it myself then found this post….it works

  • Mart

    Omg, ur amazing! Thank you so much, btw this solution also helps if you can’t drag files in windows or can’t click ur windows start button, stuff like that!

  • PE

    Hehe i thought i would give it a try and slapped the mouse and it worked. thanks 🙂

  • Slapping the mouse? Really?

  • Khanh N

    haha. It works for me. Thanks

  • LugoS

    I have great doubt about un-plugging and slapping the mouse pad on my laptop…

    Any other ideas? Also, can’t access the settings/browse history to retrieve these closed tabs, clicking the button does nothing.

    • rawshid

      Are you able to access browsing history with Ctrl+H shortcut? You can also try entering this in address bar: chrome://history/

    • Meth

      It actually works what you have to do is to use a usb mouse and press the left button for five seconds and it will start working normal

  • iFeelStupid

    worked… just squeezed all buttons really hard.

  • Monty

    I thought you were having a laugh here, but I tried it anyway. Imagine my surprise when it actually worked! Thank you so much!

  • Pookie Boo

    Guys, all of your problems with this are most likely your button under your mouse wheel (a.k.a. center mouse button). It is stuck in the down position. You can slap your mouse if you want to risk damaging it further. The better option here is to simple hold the center mouse button down for a few seconds and release, or tap it a bunch of times to get it to un-stick. If this doesn’t work try it again with slightly more force. If still nothing, then go ahead a slap it because its probably already broken, lol.

  • Yuli R

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It worked!!!

  • Christopher Jones

    I pressed the middle button of the mouse down really hard for five seconds. Then it worked again! WOOHOO

  • Ryan

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed but when I held down the scroll button for 5 seconds the problem went away!! Thanks for this post

  • Shaquille Ross

    I thought they were kiding but literally hold down the scroll button for 5 seconds and it WORKS!! 🙂

    • Youcef

      I did that: holding the scroll button for 5 seconds and it worked. Guys try this before hurting your mouses ;-). Thank Shaquille.

  • User in TX

    I replaced the mouse. No difference. Tried a 3rd mouse. No difference. Disabled the touchpad in case it was sensing something. No difference. This is a Google programming error without question. Blaming hardware for Google’s increasingly terrible programming isn’t helpful

    • Abhineet Singh Kaler

      using lappy??

  • Lourence Joseph Navarro

    slapping hard works for me. thanks

  • Abhineet Singh Kaler

    really amazing….it did worked

  • Alexandre Jhon B. Inopia

    THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE your recomendation didnt work for me but it gave me a solution so i’ve fixed it but still THANKYOU

  • Aslam khan

    hahaha.. thats funny but i slapped my mouse and it fixed

  • jørgen mohr ernst

    Works like a charm! Created an account just to comment!

  • Kong Hui Fang

    this is great!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much!!!

  • haris

    very surprisingly it worked. I tried so many thins like virus scan, control-pgup etc to no avail. Insane!!!

  • Overlord Mark

    I slapped my trackpad a bunch of times. Nothing happened.

  • asdfr

    what the fuck why did it work

  • vikas verma

    Amazing!!! I kept my mouse wheel pressed for five seconds and the problem solved……. Thank you!

  • lilyboo

    I just pressed the scroll wheel and that solved it. Did not even know that you could click the scroll wheel. THanks for solving this annoying issue!