GTA 6 Trailer Breakdown & Release Date

All the details, including the possible release date, revealed in 90 seconds trailer

Rockstar released the much awaited GTA 6 trailer today. Set to release in 2025, Rockstar’s upcoming open-world masterpiece will transport players back to Vice City for a thrilling escapade brimming with car theft, murder, robbery, and various criminal exploits. However, the trailer reveals that it could be much more than the gangsta life, with social media and other activities.

While the initial game trailer is brief, it provides a wealth of insights into the game’s setting, primary characters, and activities. In the following breakdown, we dissect the trailer to offer a glimpse of the exciting experience awaiting players upon the game’s launch. And there could actually be a hint of release date in the trailer.

Here’s the breakdown of what we’ll cover:

  • Protagonists
  • Romance options
  • Locations
  • Social life
  • Wildlife
  • Vehicles
  • Police
  • Shops and businesses
  • Release date


After a short 5-second shot of jail’s exterior, the focus shifts to Lucia – an inmate and the main protagonist of GTA 6. Clad in her prison scrubs, Lucia is questioned by the jail consular, “Do you know why you’re here?”. To this, Lucia responds, “Bad luck, I guess”.

Lucia in GTA 6

All Rockstar games have powerful characters as protagonists (Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption). We’re expecting nothing less this time around. Just that there are two protagonists in GTA 6. There’s Lucia and then there’s Jason who appears to be her love interest.

GTA 6 Romance Options

From the first trailer, it seems very likely that there will be plenty of romance options in GTA 6. Lucia and Jason appears to be a steamy affair. Both are even shown together in bed in the trailer, talking about “trust”.

Then of course there will be clubs and bars which would likely provide more options to engage with. This looks like a scene from a strip club in GTA 6:


Grand Theft Auto 6 is set in Vice City, a Miami-inspired city. Vice City is vibrant as ever with bustling beaches, wetlands, mud bogs. Trailer gives away names of some of the locations:

  • VCI Airport – 00:25
  • Stockyard Downtown – 00:25
  • Kelly County – 00:25, 00:51
  • Port Vice City – 00:51
  • Keys – 00:51
  • Vice Beaches – 00:51
  • Hamlet – 00:57
  • Waning Sands
  • Port Gellhorn
  • Thrillbilly Mud Club – 00:56

Social Life

The game captures life like no other. One of the things we see a lot in the trailer is people taking photos, sharing stuff on their social media and livestreaming. Here are some of the social updates that capture life in Vice City.

  • DadBodSquad – 00:41: Ay Papi! Save some sugar baby for the rest of us!
  • OfficialPOACH – 00:42: Stay Alert VC! Remember to check for uninvited guests before the pool party
  • – 00:43: Someone call the department of transport on this dumptruck
  • PlanetLeonidaMan – 00:50: Usually gotta hit the strip club to see jiggle like that fr
  • GeneralCustardCannon – 00:51: Only in Leonida is a crotch grab an apology for bad driving
  • YoMammazJammer – 00:51 RIP Rudi – C U in heaven, cuz.
  • LuchaLibreFan – 00:57 Neighborhood watch don’t play around in Hamlet


The wildlife is in almost every other scene in the trailer. Right from the start where we see the birds in Vice City sunset till in the last scene. And there’s plenty of fish, crocs, flamingos and a dog in between.

The funniest of them is crocodiles and how they are disrupting daily lives by entering a pool (00:42) and entering random cafes (00:47).


There is transport of every kind in this trailer. Too early to tell if we’d be able to use all those vehicles. But they look pretty damn cool and give the game a futuristic look. There are airplanes, choppers, boats and yachts, bikes, cars that look so realistic and air-boats(?) as well.

The cars and bikes look incredibly detailed and customized.


The police look more modern and real. There multiple scenes and a couple of news mentions involving cops in the trailer. First, we see a bodycam footage of cops kicking down a door at 00:49. Then we see a Sheriff’s car enroute to (possibly) a crime scene as Jason and Lucia escape.

Shops and Businesses

We see a Pawn and Gun store, Uncle Jack’s Liquor store and Rideout Customs.

And not to mention, the NINE1NINE (strip) club that lives by the slogan “why sixty nine when you can nine one nine”.

Wait, could NINE1NINE be a hint at GTA 6 release date?

GTA 6 Release Date

This could mean that GTA 6 release date is 9/19/2025. Possibly. The hint is shown at 00:15. Watch the trailer below:

PS: My favorite part of the trailer? When Lucia kicks open the door of Uncle Jack’s Liquor Store, there is a paper pasted on the door that reads:

“We will no longer accept cash stored in underwear”.

And one more that says:

“For your safety, please don’t drink in the store!”

Can’t wait for 2025.

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