• Bliss Martin

    THANK You!!

  • Manuel

    Thank you! so easy haha, I spend like 10 minutes looking for that drafts

  • Naam
  • Naam


  • fastfinger

    No option to delete , in fact drafts are mounting up as tweets I thought were send! No way to edit/delete on iPad or iPhone

    • rawshid

      Just swipe on a draft and “delete” option will appear.

  • Boredwithyou

    For anyone seeing this discussion after iOS8, now you have to start sending a new tweet, then click the button of the bottom right under the message spot to find drafts!

    • Miriam Jaycox Nard

      Thank you! I just spent 15 mins trying to figure that out! Oy….

  • Pete

    What if they didn’t show up in that spot? How in the world did they just disappear?

  • Still cant find draft on apple ipad -helpppppp meeeee!