• Gaurav Raj

    Works like a charm…thanks a ton.!

  • fgruaj

    I can’t find the two files? Help please!!!

    • BlackList Killerz

      try search it by typing both file at the searching option ? D:

  • nkjvnsd

    mine is still not working… i reinstalled both of them

  • Mauricio Pessoa

    Works for me, thanks!

  • guy

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this finally worked.

  • Khadiga Loutfy

    i dont get it can you please simplify your answers

  • simsima

    worked perfectly thank you

  • nabil

    Is work great. . Really im so happy thanks

  • ARMQ

    thanks a lot .
    it worked 4 me 🙂

  • Tommy Campese

    doesnt work at all

  • Seda Tokmak

    it is not worked for me please help mee pleaseee

  • Kalieah Fleming

    after it goes to the vcredist_x86.exe or 64 it goes to u5 u4 u3 u2 u1 u0 0 then I click one o fthem and says to open it with utorrent, notepad, windows media center, windows photo viewer, internet explorer, paint, windows media center, or wordpad what do I do????

  • setayesh

    oh ttank you so much in is it worked thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • yee

    I already have that installed. I tried reinstalling it, to no avail. Also, while the message is the same, the error code is just “(E0)”.

  • Talha Tariq

    try installing 64bit and 86 bit…. if you are running 64bit windows then install 86x first then 64x…or vice versa…………………………..

    soory for bad english

  • Vault Hunter

    Just install origin if this doesn’t work

  • Erika Nel

    It worked. Thank you!